Speculative fiction, with its sense of awe, and intrigue, has always been the go-to for Ryan Mahler. The more fringe, the more he wanted to read it.  
Ryan Mahler was born and raised outside of Pittsburgh, PA. He spent his formative years reading, writing and drawing. After working at a gas station, a machine shop, and various warehouses, he found a creative outlet and a profession as a graphic designer. 
He has always considered his true affliction to be writing. Inspired by the hum of everyday life and wrestling with the existential questions that couldn’t be answered by any other means, Ryan embraced the inevitable and began the writing process in earnest. Starting with a journal. Progressing to short narrative snippets. Stumbling into short stories. Settling into the novel. 


Ryan is currently attending a makeshift MFA program of his own design, with heavy reading, writing, and study requirements. He reads widely— across genre, format, style, or rating.
He just started writing for publication, so this will evolve. His first novel is in the works. It’s a grimdark future noir paranoid crime horror drama about the end of the world. 

Simple Living

When not writing, he likes: reading good books, drinking hot cocoa in front of a fireplace when it’s cold outside, listening to the rain in the evening, strange music, good podcasts, watching bad movies, meditating, and volunteering. 
He is often helping his wife with volunteer work where they practice TNR and foster cats. Happily married for 23 years. Hopes to settle down on a small farm in the country someday.